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To Learn more about the Amish,
Barbara recommends these websites

The Amish News
Visit this site for links to articles and publications
concerning the Pennsylvania Amish.

The Main Street Book Shop and Gallery
Located in the village of Intercourse, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, this store specializes in books about Amish, Mennonite, and Hutterite life and thought. Titles include fiction, cooking, history, children's, theology, biography and quilts.

The Landis Valley Farm Museum
A nationally significant living history museum that collects, conserves, exhibits, and interprets Pennsylvania German material, culture, history and heritage from 1740 through 1940.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Dutch Country
The Official Site of the Pennsylvania Dutch
Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Pennsylvania Dutch Country Welcome Center
The most comprehensive source of information on the culture and the attractions of Lancaster County, PA.

Recommended further reading on the Amish

Nonfiction selections

Dr. Frau: A Woman Doctor Among the Amish
by Grace Kaiser

Amish Ways by Ruth and Blair Seitz

The Gift to be Simple: Life in Amish Country
by Bill Coleman

Growing up Amish * by Richard Ammon

Amish Women by Louise Stoltzfus

The Riddle of the Amish Culture
by Donald B. Kraybill

Great Possessions - An Amish Farmer's Journal
by David Kline

Plain and Simple by Sue Bender

How to Speak Dutchified English by Gary Gates

And cookbooks by Marcia Adams

Fiction about the Amish

Ellie; Daniel; Reuben; Rachel (series) *
by Mary Christner Borntrager

The Quilted Message - A mystery *
by Ken Munro

The February Trouble
by Neil Albert

* Especially suitable for children

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