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A Special Offer from Barbara Workinger:

As a thank-you gift for buying either of her books, email Barbara and send your name and address for a special bookplate signed by the author. Be sure to tell her how you would like the plate to be inscribed. (That is, to whom, or just the author's signature.)

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Local Booksellers
*Some sellers have signed copies and will mail books.

The Pine Needle*
Quilt shop online and in Lake Oswego, Oregon
*It's unknown if they currently have any copies
of Barbara’s books. Inquire.

Mechanicsburg Mystery Book and Gift Shop*
(Trindle and) 6 Clouser Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-9735
(717)  795-7470
* They stock Barbara's books. Signed copies may or
may not be available. Inquire. They will mail books.
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The English Lady Shop *
West Shore Farmers Market
second floor, 915 State Street
Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
(717) 737-9881
* It's unknown if any signed or unsigned copies
are available. Inquire. They will mail books.

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