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Barbara’s Favorites about Quilting

The Quilt Museum at the Old Country Store
Part of an educational and heritage center about the Amish and the Mennonites in the village of Intercourse, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Planet Patchwork
The Ultimate Address in Quilting.
Articles, information, books, and supplies for quilters.

The Quilt Index
An online research and reference tool designed to provide unprecedented access to contextual information and images of quilts held in private and public collections.   Contains hundreds of uniquely designed quilts from Kentucky,  Tennessee,  Michigan and Illinois along with the history and techniques used to make them.

Simply Quilts
Web site for the series on the Home and Garden Television cable channel. Programs include how-to information and help for quilters at any level.

Quilter's Muse
Contact page for quilter Pat Cummings and the former home of Quilter's Muse Publications.

Quilting Mysteries
A list by mystery fan Christine Taylor

Brown, Lizbie  –  “Jacob's Ladder”

Brown, Lizbie  –  “Shoo-Fly”

Brown, Lizbie  –  “Turkey Tracks”

Chiaverini, Jennifer – “Round Robin”

Chiaverini, Jennifer – “The Cross-Country Quilters”

Chiaverini, Jennifer – “The Quilter's Apprentice”

Chiaverini, Jennifer – “The Quilter's Legacy”

Chiaverini, Jennifer –  “The Runaway Quilt”

Odom, Nancy Elm  –  “Creek Quilts”

Dallas, Sandra  –  “Alice's Tulips”

Ferris, Monica  –  “A Murderous Yarn”

Ferris, Monica  –  “A Stitch In Time”

Ferris, Monica  –  “Framed In Lace”

Ferris, Monica  –  “Hanging By A Thread”

Ferris, Monica  –  “Unravelled Sleeve”

Fowler, Earlene  –  “Arkansas Traveller”

Fowler, Earlene  –  “Dove In The Window”

Fowler, Earlene  –  “Fool's Puzzle”

Fowler, Earlene  –  “Goose In The Pond”

Fowler, Earlene  –  “Irish Chain”

Fowler, Earlene  –  “Kansas Trouble”

Fowler, Earlene  –  “Mariner's Compass”

Fowler, Earlene  –  “Seven Sisters”

Fowler, Earlene  –  “Steps To The Altar”

Frommer, Sara Hoskinson  –  “Buried In Quilts”

Hager, Jean  –  “Sew Deadly”

Jonas, Ann  –  “The Quilt”

Lipsett, Linda Otto  –  “Pieced from Ellen's Quilt”

Page, Katherine Hall – “The Body in the Vestibule”

Palmer, Catherine – “A Victorian Christmas Quilt”

Sachitano, Arlene  – “Quilt as Desired”

Webb, Aliske  –  “Murder at the Quilt Show”

Webb, Aliske  –  “Scrap Quilt Memories”

Webb, Aliske  –  “The Phoenix Quilt”

Whitson, Stephanie Grace  – “Sarah's Patchwork”

Mahon, Annette –  “Phantom Death”

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